Digital transformation at UTEC

The experience and planning acquired are the basis for the Digital Transformation model. From day one, we have been analyzing, experimenting and optimizing strategies and actions that allow us to integrate digital technologies into the internal processes of the University.

  • 2013
    State of the art Global study of the use of digital situations in universities and governments.
  • 2014
    University’s Academic Management System Moodle virtual learning environment.
  • 2015
    Creation of the Digital Projects Unit, offering digital, education and management solutions.
  • 2016
    Consolidation of the University’s Digital Educational Ecosystem. Virtual environment, videoconferences, web apps.
  • 2018
    Open Digital Education MOOC (Massive Online Open Courses) program and digital media. Launch of learning data analytics solution.
  • 2019
    Creation of the Applied Technologies area and launch of UTEC’s 2021-2025 Strategic Plan process. 
  • 2020
    Co-creation of UTEC’s Digital Technology Framework and redefinition of the overall role of digital technologies.

During the pandemic, and with the collaboration of the Arizona State University’s Design School, we initiated the process that featured the participation and contribution of the entire student community on the role of digital technologies at UTEC.

Feedback and conclusions were complemented by two international transformation frameworks.

Digital Transformation Model at UTEC

Phase I

In-depth analysis of the reasons for digitalization, how to do it, data organization methods for future use.

Phase II

Defining what can be automated and accelerated based on the analysis of data, processes and institutional priorities.

Phase III

Legal frameworks, policies, protocols, roles and tasks assigned to people; identification of opportunities for improvement in university processes and models.

Each one of these stages should be integrated in all university processes and must be led by the members of the institution. This is the main challenge of the Digital Transformation Center at UTEC.

2022 Action Plan

For the definitions of actions to be carried out by the DTC, the guidelines established in the UTEC 2021-2025 Strategic Plan, the advances related to digital transformation in recent years and international trends are taken into account.

The following are the objectives of the different areas of the center with their respective goals for 2022.

2023 Summary

Learn about everything we co-designed during 2023 to position UTEC as a local and regional leader in digital transformation!

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